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    Avtar, works extensively in the area of Diversity &
    Inclusion, with a special focus on gender diversity.

    Avtar enables high-growth organizations to focus sharply on an inclusive talent strategy to
    make the workplace more welcoming for women. Avtar also provides placement services
    for diversity recruitment, workshops and training programs, events and conference.

    Avtar conducts workshops and training on Appreciating & Leveraging D&I, Gender
    Diversity, Gender Sensitization & Awareness, Men as Gender Advocates, Intentional
    Career Pathing, Women and Leadership Development programs. Using a combination of
    methodologies, all programs conducted by Avtar are eminently effective in their reach
    and absorption.

    Avtar conducts periodical research on women’s careers, work-life balance and gender
    diversity. Avtar’s services are based on the findings of these studies.


    Our Vision

    To be the most innovative and transformational
    Diversity & Inclusion Solutions Firm, helping
    organisations attain business success
    through the power of diversity.

    Core Values

    The four pillars of Avtar are

    • Excellence
    • Team Work
    • Innovation
    • Customer Focus



    Working Mother is a role model, mentor and advocate for the U.S.’s more than 24 million mothers who are devoted to their families and committed to their careers. Working Mother is a celebrated gender parity champion in the United States. With their website, magazine, research, social networks, video, and powerful events, Working Mother provides its readers with the community, solutions and strategies they need to thrive. Their annual list of the Working Mother 100 Best Companies celebrates its 33rd anniversary this year. It is one of the most prestigious lists in the U.S. and sets the standards for work life practices for U.S. companies. It continues to raise awareness of the issues women face in the workplace and encourages the development of programs to address those issues.


    A highly motivated, result-oriented group, set on creating records in recruitment success.

    Dr. Saundarya Rajesh

    Founder and President

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    Mr. Karthik Ekambaram

    Senior Vice President - Consulting Services

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    Mr. Umasanker Kandaswamy

    Senior Vice President - Sales & Relationships, Founding Team Member

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    Ms. Usha Pillai

    Vice President – Operations

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    Ms. Priya Dayabaran

    Vice President - Organizational Development

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    Mr. Eswar Balasubramanian

    Head - Outreach

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    Mr. Roy Vijayakumar

    Head – IMT

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    Ms. Veena Mukund

    Assistant Vice President – Client Services

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    Ms. Anju Rakesh

    Assistant Vice President - Research & Solutions

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    Ms. Shankari Nandi

    Divisional Manager – Client Services

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    Ms. Nisha Chandran

    Assistant Vice President – Consulting & Solutions

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    Ms. Rashmi Ravindran

    Assistant Vice President – Marcom & User Experience

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    Ms Lakshmi Vijaykumar

    Divisional Manager, Events & PR

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    Ms.Sridevi Bhardwaj

    Senior Manger - Technology

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    Bhavani Balasubramanian

    Chief Strategist – Diversity Assessment

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    Kannan Hariharan

    Chief Strategist – Culture & Belongingness

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