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    Avtar DEI Primer



    Are you really cool?

    As organizations seeking to be contemporary and state-of-art, we often pride ourselves on adopting the latest software, the finest amenities, the best processes and the most cutting-edge tools in the market. We often forget the coolest investment of all - the human quotient.


    Organisations are made by the people who work in them. Is your organization adopting the most critical differentiator to your success?


    What differentiates resilient and long-standing companies from the rest is their culture. All successful organizations have a signature culture. This is a culture that allows everyone to be heard. It’s a culture of belongingness driven by a deep knowledge of diversity and inclusion. A culture that enables different people to work together and perform exceptionally. Simply because – they are different!

    The most successful organizations and brands that we see around us leverage the power of diversity. In diverse and inclusive cultures, employees are no longer just name tags – they are solvers of problems, creators of new ideas and deliverers of discretionary effort!

    Now is the time for your organization too, to unleash the power of DEI - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Especially, at a period when a workplace that enables every individual to deliver exceptional effort, is the need of the hour. To ensure that your organization, team, department or group fully utilizes the power of an inclusive culture by eliminating unconscious biases.



    The Workplace Challenges



    Try as you might, it’s incredibly hard to weed out unconscious biases that tend to seep into us. From gender stereotypes to dealing with people from different backgrounds, these biases can affect the organizational culture and affect the performance of your team. When people feel they belong, it reduces their fear of failure or rejection, allowing them to express themselves more freely and bring newer perspectives to the table.

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion go beyond just treating people with the respect they deserve. Over 20 years of Avtar’s research shows that fostering an inclusive work environment has a real impact on the bottom line of a business. It helps you retain talent that could be migrating to better opportunities if they feel that they aren’t been given a voice in the company. It also ensures that you grow people who grow along with you, carrying the same cultural DNA of inclusion.



    Introducing Avtar DEI Primer

    A Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training Program

    Avtar – India’s premier enabler of solutions in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion space, brings you the culture secrets of the world’s most effective organizations. The Avtar DEI Primer is a certification training course that helps you to break down the invisible barriers and help foster a more inclusive, flexible, collaborative and open-minded workplace. Brought to you by Avtar, the nation’s pioneers in the D&I space for the last two decades, the Avtar DEI Primer is a starter course of sorts, that becomes the first step of your organisation’s foray into creating a culture that nourishes creativity, problem solving and cohesion.

    What does the Avtar DEI Primer do for your organization

    A company’s fundamental culture cannot change over the course of five sessions. But what the Avtar DEI Primer can do for you is set up the foundation for a better understanding of Diversity & Inclusion. It assists you with the practical application of the concept of an inclusive culture. We help you understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, identify the challenges you may face and assist you in adopting strategies unique to you.

    Our experts help you overcome your D&I challenges and lay out a roadmap to achieve your goals through a series of well-defined steps.

    We understand the barriers that may exist when it comes to building diverse and inclusive teams and we help you recognize them and respond effectively to them.The Avtar DEI Primer aims to enable a meaningful conversation around D&I in your workplace. Whatever the size of your team, the Avtar DEI Primer has something for you, as an entrepreneur, a manager, or a team-leader, to engage your team, to create cohesion and belongingness and to find the right solutions that work for your organisation.

    As a leader, Who Can You Nominate For the Avtar DEI Primer Program

    Honestly, just about anyone.

    As the name suggests, Avtar DEI Primer is a starter training program, which introduces people to the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion and the impact it can have on the workplace.

    From team leaders, senior management, HR professionals to marketing teams, client-facing teams and corporate communication teams, everyone stands to benefit from the Avtar DEI Primer. It offers a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth for individuals at any point in their career.

    The Training Programme Format

    The Avtar DEI Primer Course will be delivered in the form of five 90-minute sessions spread over the course of two weeks. The sessions are designed to be less like a classroom, and more of an interaction with polls, practical insights, Q&A and subject matter discussions. Highly customized to the profile of the participants, the Avtar DEI Primer hopes to solve your culture problems by the pragmatic application of powerful concepts.



    Go on, make your workplace cool, with the diversity, equity and inclusion edge!


    Meet The Facilitator


    Kannan Hariharan, Chief Strategist – Culture & Belongingness at Avtar, a renowned expert in the field of Diversity & Inclusion, is our Lead facilitator for this course. Having worked with some of the biggest global firms and help kickstart their D&I agenda, Kannan was most recently Senior Director HR at PepsiCo. His experience and expertise add tremendous value to the participants and their learning. The session will cover a broad range of topics ranging from the journey of D&I in India and the business case for inclusion to sexual harassment and its impact and the objectives of a D&I agenda.

    Upon the completion of the program, participants will be awarded a certificate from Avtar, one of the nation’s pioneers in the space of diversity and inclusion.

    Tentative Dates for the sessions:

    • Session 1 - 17th February 2021
    • Session 2 – 19th February  2021
    • Session 3 – 22nd February 2021
    • Session 4 – 24th February 2021
    • Session 5 – 26th February  2021


    The Avtar DEI Primer is priced at Rs.5000/- per member of the team.