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    Flexcurity - Decision Support for Remote Working

    Flexcurity is Avtar’s proprietary tool to assess jobs/roles for their suitability for flexible working. An in-house built tool, Flexcurity begins with identifying job prototypes and analysing job/role descriptions for their operative dimensions to arrive at resonance/dissonance with flexible working models. This is followed by the crucial stages of flexidising and unbundling jobs.

    Flexidising is a participative process that involves managers and role holders being surveyed using statistically validated ‘Flexidising’ questionnaires on job execution and supervisory activities. This helps arrive at ‘Flex quotient’ of jobs.

    The tool then moves to ‘Unbundling’ that helps map roles to the most suitable flavours of Flexible Working (like Work from home, flexi-time etc.) based on their ‘Flex quotients’. Flexcurity as a solution will also provide organisations with recommendations to initiate/modify current flexible working policies to allow for optimal roll-out of the flexi working track.

    For more details, please write to anju@avtarcc.com