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    Diversity & Inclusion - Virtual Training Programs


    We have put together our top Diversity and Inclusion Training programs in a viable, webinar format. These innovative and ground breaking training programs for professionals are designed keeping in mind the organizations’ need for retaining and building talent workforce through diverse and inclusive work practices, enabling a welcoming working environment and enhancing positive leadership skills.




    The objective of this training session is to promote and foster an inclusive culture at the workplace. This program will sensitize employees on how to interact and build effective workplace relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and talents. The session will also outline the best practices for fostering inclusion and leveraging diversity at the workplace.


    B-DivInE training session unleashes the power of behavioural changes in addressing the concepts of Diversity and Inclusion for managers. Not travelling the beaten path of identifying differences and learning to synthesize them, the B-DivInE program looks at the inherent changes required in the psyche of the manager to lead diverse teams successfully. This program is designed for senior managers, managers from all functions, leaders and change agents to experience the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion.


    To address gender related issues, and to make the work environment more inclusive and diverse, training sessions on Gender sensitivity are critical. A gender sensitive and diverse working environment opens the widest possible range of life options for both men and women. This program will enable junior level staff, team leaders, managers, senior managers, change agents and leaders from all functions to develop a deeper understanding of gender diversity and recognize false assumptions and overcome stereotypes and manage unconscious biases.


    This session on Inter-Generational Conversations helps in identifying generation gaps, leveraging generational differences and similarities for the growth of the organisation. This results in better employee engagement and more productivity. The training session is aimed at senior managers, managers from all functions, leaders and change agents.


    Gender Intelligence training session is designed for Talent Acquisition professionals, and is aimed at addressing common challenges in acquiring diverse talent, and will provide answers on how to overcome them. The process of being aware, comprehending and applying Gender sensitivity is termed as Gender Intelligence. This training program is ideal for senior managers, hiring managers from all functions, leaders and change agents.


    Engaging men becomes crucial for the success of any gender balance agenda and goals of the organisation. This will increase awareness on unconscious gender biases and its cost in the workplace; improve knowledge on gender differences and enhance the ability to be a better communicator and team manager; and most important drive commitment from men professionals for a gender-fair workplace based on trust and respect. This training program is targeted at male leaders, managers & senior managers from all functions.


    Intentional Career Pathing (ICP) is a flagship training programme for mid-career women professionals in India. One of the most innovative training interventions, ICP is a method of developing specific skills convergent with mid-term and long-term career milestones, which will enable women to pursue their career vision successfully and sustainably. ICP is a six months’ long training intervention that is designed based on experiential learning and research studies such as Career Trajectories of Men and Women in India, Career Enablers for Women, Flexible working and Work-life integration.

    This training program is customisable within the pillars of the ICP requirements. The ICP training program has been successfully delivered across India in multiple organisations from diverse sectors.


    This training session will enable leaders to focus on how the power of diversity and inclusion can be leveraged as a strategic business driver to increase employee engagement, brand value, and drive business performance. Allyship can go a long way in promoting a sense of belongingness in an organization. Belongingness at workplace matters, not only because people can be their authentic selves within a safe environment, but also because it empowers them to perform. A sense of belonging also fosters long-term productivity and meaningful connection among team members. This training session will enable leaders to fully utilize their credibility and find ways to make their privilege work for others and work towards creating a more inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.


    Everyday Leadership is a training programme designed for early career women. This programme will help young women professionals in setting future direction for their careers, building commitment and creating alignment for collaboration at the workplace. This full-day program training programme will equip millennial women professionals with the tools that they need to grow and thrive.


    Women in Sales training programme is based on research that is aimed at enhancing the skills and behaviors of women sales professionals so that they can become outstandingly successful in their careers and steadily rise to leadership positions. This training program will help women professionals to analyse unstated, unmet needs of clients, negotiate effectively, exhibit executive presence and close business deals.


    In today’s digital age, advances in technology have enabled employees to work flexible without the added burden of daily commute. There are several advantages for both the employer and employee when employees have the option of flexible working. Whether the flexible work schedule involves compressed working days, flexible daily hours, working from home or telecommuting, the benefits include increased job satisfaction, improved work life integration, increase in employee morale and motivation. This training session will explore the various benefits of flexible working to both the employee as well as the employer, dos and don’ts and how to successfully implement flexible working.


    To provide a safe and gender neutral working environment, an organization’s employees across all levels need to be educated on what is sexual harassment at workplace. The training session will sensitize employees on the mandatory compliance guidelines under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013 (POSH Act). With stories from the workplace and case studies, this session will create awareness about the POSH Act, what constitutes sexual harassment at workplace and redressal mechanisms available.


    Collaborative working has become a critical skill in 21st century. This training session will highlight the benefits of collaboration and why it is an essential part of how businesses function today. Participants will learn how to hold self and others accountable to deliver results the right way and how to effectively collaborate across different teams.